Energy certificates

Energy certificates have been compulsory since 2008 for all large buildings sold or rented in the UK and public buildings. Now all homes and commercial properties that are sold or rented need EPCs.

This is a major plank in the Government’s drive to reduce carbon emissions from buildings. The certificates send a clear message to prospective purchasers and leaseholders about how efficient their buildings are. The certificates provide information about gas and electricity costs, annual energy demand, how well the buildings have been managed for energy use, and how much CO2 they generate. Critically, the certificates offer recommendations for how to reduce energy use and CO2 – although these recommendations are often generic and not terribly useful.

At last, there is an incentive for building owners who do not pay for their tenants’ energy use to address energy efficiency. In theory, buildings with good energy performance attract a premium, while inefficient buildings are penalised in the marketplace.

CAR has carried out energy analysis and certification work in the UK and overseas. If you are interested in the research possibilities of EPCs, CAR can help.


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